8- SUPER, Color Irregular Letterpress Highspeed Label Printing Equipment -320

The 8-color sporadic letterpress high speed label printing device relates to the publishing of coated paper stickers, thermal paper, aluminum foil paper stickers, as well as PE, PVC and PP stickers. It adopts the servo motor that drives each publishing system may be precisely controlled, thus obtaining optimal control of the complete equipment and servo control system. Because of the adoption of reciprocating paper feeding process, just one plate cylinder can completes the publishing. The most printing speed reaches 250r/min as well as the decision is even more or 175LPI.

Improved printer spin arrangement and velocity are used, which prevents ink talent and ghosting increasing printing effect. Ink source changes proportionally with the device speed to be able to obtain better printing result. Device faults are shown on the PC screen, so users can easily see the difficulty site immediately, which increases fixing. Moreover, our solution can complete relaxing, varnishing, diecutting, waste discharging, winding and lots of other functions.

The SUPER-320 sporadic letterpress highspeed label printing device may be used to print sticky labels for bottles, packaging containers or bags in aesthetic, food and lots of other companies. It uses castiron because the organic material which has been chrome plated to avoid decay, therefore it has a long lifespan. Roller along with other components, the carefully chosen gear help to generate accurate printing effect. The equipped UV drying device helps the printer to harden quickly, thus fixing the issue of simple falling from the ink around the finished product. With the size of 6800×1600×1400mm, this equipment may print on components together with the maximum thickness of 310mm along with the maximum thickness of 0.3mm.

Optional Devices

  1. Hob-die-cutting System (Magnetic drum)
  2. UV Drying System (Width of the light box is 140mm)
  3. UV Varnishing Device
  4. CCD Camera

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