Today I’ll tell you which Email service you should use, as you may know that there are now hundreds of free Email services but deciding which is better is not an easy task. And every new Internet user first open their Email address because nearly every website needs Email Address for registration even the best social networking website Facebook also needs Email address for registration and also there are many peoples who start their new business and wants a new Email address for their business, and they want security for their mails. So, this article is for those peoples who want to create a new email address.



Email stands for Electronic mail and it is used to send message to anyone to their inbox, it also can be called Internet Inbox Address. The email ID made like this, first is your username than @ and after this the providers domain. (Example:


  •  Google’s Gmail
  •  Microsoft’s Hotmail (Now Outlook)
  •  Yahoo! Mail
  •  Aol Mail
  •  Rediffmail etc.

So, as you can see that I have included some mail providers name which are famous. So, many of were got confused on which one should you choose for your Primary Email Address, and do you know that I was also confused when I first came to make an Email Address. So, I’ll make my Email Address on every one of these and because of this I can now tell you what my favorite is and also Why. As, I keep trying to find something new on websites so I also keep registering on many websites and due to this obviously I am getting too much Spams. So, after this I saw which is better in reality.

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So here is the result I got from various Email Provider, written from last to start:


Rediffmail is the first one where I made an account because that time I was having so much difficulty on getting account on others. So, after I start using this Email for registering on websites I was really getting irritated because every of spams was not going to Junk Box instead of that they directly coming to my Inbox and one more thing which was making me laugh was Rediffmail’s own ads which they was sending to me and my inbox was getting more ads than PMs. So, at last I really don’t recommend this.

While I was using I was too excited to use this as this is giving Unlimited Disk space and many of different domains which I can use for my email address, but I choose because that was easy to remember and also looks like Gmail. But when I started getting mail I seen that many of my mails which are not spam are getting into Junk box and even many mails was not coming into my inbox or junk box. As the result I left it. So, I would also didn’t recommend this.

AOL Mail:

AOL Mail was totally new for me when I started using it and also I was too much expecting from it which I saw later but at least because of this I can test more Email providers. And about the problems which was happening to me are same as which was from And Of course again I don’t recommend this.

Yahoo! Mail:

I was starting using Yahoo! Mail after I check Yahoo! Go on my mobile and that was looking too cool, so I think that this would be too cool to use as its look. But after I started using I get to know this that It was also not receiving many Emails but the Emails was only adverts or some useless site’s Confirmation mail but still it was directly receiving Spam messages on to the Inbox and one more thing was its website speed, it was too slow and still it hasn’t too fast. So, may use this for your Email account but you can also read next two because they are best.


This Email service is too good in my result because I haven’t got too many Spams in my Inbox and it is also secure. So, I recommend this.

Google’s Gmail:

Yes, the best is Gmail because I have been using it for a long time and it never given me problems and also it has the best Spam blocker because I am getting too low Spam after using Gmail for my Email needs even the Emails who show like they know me or like they really need help are coming to my inbox as that are needed because if anyone really wants help and they keep that to the Spam box than the sender may be in danger. So, only because of that they keep those like Email to the Inbox. So, there is no reason to not using this it is secure, faster and spam blocker, so I highly recommend this.