VoIP stands for Voice-over Internet Protocol. This service is available on computers and smartphones both but mainly peoples use their computer for VoIP, as they can also use their broadband connection for much better quality if they don’t have Wi-Fi router to get their smartphone connect with broadband.

There are also many VoIP Providers who provides free VoIP calling for several minutes. Even in some special occasions many providers gives free calling feature for free (As other needs to pay for subscription).


VoIP can be used when your mobile phone don’t have enough balance to call any person you want to and also many VoIP companies provides much lower rates than the mobile operator. You can call using your PC or Laptop but just one thing will need is the Internet connection. Which should be faster at least 512/kbps for the best quality calling.

The speed which I have written is in kbps not KB/sec. and also I don’t said that you can’t make calls using slow Internet for example Dial-up connection, just the thing you will note is when you call someone that person will hear your voice after some seconds and even some time you can hear the voice of receiver but that person can’t receive your voice, that is the reason I recommend to use fast Internet connection.


VoIP calling is not always a free service; it depends upon the VoIP Provider where the calls are free and where paid. If you want good calling quality than I highly recommend using Premium VoIP Providers, still you can use Free VoIP Providers which support in your country and I can’t say that in every country there may be a free VoIP provider but you can still search for it and if there is one than you can easily find that.

If you are searching for Free VoIP provider than search when there is and special occasions (i.e. Christmas and New Year) because VoIP providers mainly give free offers that time.